At "Blip A Deal", we believe that your deal hunting experience should be quick, painless and enjoyable. That is why we endeavour to provide you a personalized deals experience so that you no longer have to go through all the many hundreds of deals each day. You can filter the deals that you love by country, city, category and even by keywords. So for example you can select deals in United States, New York that belong to the activities and experiences, food and beverage categories and also for deals with the keywords "Golf, Gelato and Adrenaline", this way deals that match all those criteria will be sent to you every day, saving you time and providing only the deals that are of interest to you.

You can also keep track of deals that you are interested in by adding them to your "watch-list". In the "watch-list" section you can set yourself a reminder so that you donít forget to buy it.

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