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Blip A Deal is a cutting edge and innovative way for you to build your business, reach new customers and increase sales around the world.

With our service you can reach people at home, in the office or on the go. Just create a geo-locational coupon and let customers know that you are nearby, so they are able to pinpoint your location, driving you foot traffic and sales that cost you nothing and is completely risk free.

Fact is that more people are jumping onto smart mobile phones these days. A person is more likely to use their mobile phone in transit than read a newspaper or magazine AND letís face it, to print a coupon in any publication could cost you hundreds of dollars every day.

How Does It Work?

There is no cost to you to try this platform. Sign-up for a free account, put up an offer and watch the people come streaming through because they will know exactly where you are through our web and mobile app.

Our platform allows you to create different campaigns and you are free to pause these at any time. You can keep track of everything from within our system with our user-friendly dashboard. On top of all that you are helping the environment because people no longer need to print your coupons out, nor do you have to pay others for the ink and paper to print your ads

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