What does Blip A Deal do?
"Blip A Deal" collects all the group buying deals in your area and sorts them for you in one simple list which you can filter with your personal preferences. We can also store any coupons you have bought so that you can set a reminder for your self to use the coupon before it expires. You can also access them on your mobile smart phone so you never have to print them out ever again.

Where did you get the name "Blip A Deal"?
The word "blip" means a spot on a radar screen indicating the detection of an object. We thought this was appropriate because that is what we do for group buying deals. We detect them and they are shown to you as "blips" on the website or mobile app.

Does it cost anything to use your site?
Our service is free. The only time you have to pay anything is when you actually purchase the deal from the vendor.

Is my personal information secure?
Yes, we take every precaution to ensure that all your information is secure. All your deal coupons are encrypted such that no one can read them except you.

How do I purchase a deal?
Click the "BUY NOW" button in the deal information. This will take you to a 3rd party vendorís website where you can make the purchase through their gateway. If you have any difficulties with your deal, please contact the relevant vendor who will assist you.

Where is the deal that I bought?
"Blip A Deal" does not sell the deals listed on our site we only point you to the site that sells the deal. If you have any problems with the deal you have purchased, please contact the vendor that you bought the deal from

Can I advertise on your website?
Yes, if you would like to advertise on our site, please check the "Advertising Enquiries" section of our site or you can send us an email via our contact us page.

Why is the information about the deals sometimes incorrect?
Our search engine tries to find the most accurate and up to date information. However, on the odd occasion, the information will not be as accurate as we would like. We are always working on improving the accuracy of our data. If you do find any information that is not correct, please feel free to let us know via our contact us page.

Which regions do you guys support and are you thinking of moving to other regions?
"Blip A Deal" currently serves 12 countries which are Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, United States & United Kingdom.