"Blip A Deal" provides a unique feature so that you can store your coupons within the "Blip A Deal" storage cloud allowing you to have paperless access to your coupon and hence have your coupons easily accessible everywhere that you go. There is no longer any need to print the coupon and bring it with you. You can simply download the coupon from our storage cloud onto your iPhone and display it to the merchant.

Our cloud coupon storage system also allows you to set alerts on each coupon as a reminder that can be generated before the coupon expires. The reminder is pushed to your mobile device and also sent as an email for real time alerting even when you are on the go.

Finally our cloud coupons storage system also allows users to tag their coupon as used or un-used so the moment a coupon is used it can be tagged. This provides the list of coupons you have purchased complete with the status of the coupon for easy display. You won’t ever mix up your used coupons from your unused ones.

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