"Blip A Deal" finds over 500,000 deals every month from your most favourite deal sites around the world. Starting from Australia all the way through to United States and throughout many parts of Asia, we bring all the best deals into one place. "Blip A Deal" is the ideal place to visit if you are a traveller preparing to find the best deals before you arrive at your holiday destination or a local traveller looking for great things to do in your own city in one of the 12 countries that we operate. What we aim to do is to help you save money and have a great time no matter where you are.
Our Goal
We aim to provide the best experience when it comes to managing your deals. In short we want to help you "Deal with your Deals" by making sure that as new deal providers open in your city we keep track of them and provide you with the latest in savings. Whether you are looking for new deals in your city, putting deals on a watchlist for later purchase or storing your coupons for safe keeping after you have purchased the deal, "Blip A Deal" is here to help.
Our Difference
"Blip A Deal" offers many great features that we have hand picked from your requests that help with all of your needs when it comes to finding deals that you love and even managing them once they have been purchased. In addition to bringing together all the best deals from your favourite vendors "Blip A Deal" provides
  • Watchlist functionality to help you keep track of the deals you want to buy at a later time in case youíre busy and donít have the time right away
  • Coupon storage to help you easily access your coupons so that there is no more coupon printing when you take it to your destination. With our coupon storage system you simple store it in our system and easily access them from your mobile device anywhere anytime without printing. You can even attach alerts on your coupons so you never let a coupon expire again
  • Alerting will help you never forget when your coupon is due for use so that you never accidently let a coupon expire again. Our alerting system will also notify you of deals in your watch-list so that you remember to purchase them before they expire. Our alerting system will send you a push notification to your mobile and your email if you select them.
  • Language Translations will help further personalize the deals so that it is easier for non-English users to read and understand the deals in their local language
  • Deal personalization will allow you to filter and receive deals that are based on your country, city, favourite categories and even keywords that they specify. This allows for a much more fine grain way of personalising the deal for our users. You might like activities, food and beverages and anything to do with golf so you can select your favourite categories and add golf as a specific keyword. This way you never miss any deals that have to do with golf.
Our Technology
Our service runs on leading edge infrastructure that adheres to the best industry practice. We only use technologies that are scalable, secure and reliable such as those available on the computing cloud. We utilise numerous tried and tested software packages including LINUX, SQL, PHP, SQL ALCHEMY, JQUERY, CHERRYPY, HTML5 and CSS3. This is in conjunction with our cloud storage, load balancers and multi-layered encryption to ensure that all data is kept safe and secure.

From the front end website design, to the adaptable custom parser engine in the backend, to the programmable API's and mobile applications - our entire service has been designed with the user experience in mind and has been built from the ground up.

In this industry, we aim to continually innovate by leveraging technology to assist users in saving time and money. We have taken the time to develop features not seen by many aggregators to date which includes our custom made "Classification Algorithm" used to categorise all our products and deals, in addition to our cloud based email-system allowing users the ability to store, manage and redeem all their daily deal coupons and vouchers from hundreds of vendors worldwide.